What is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. The primary goal of RFMS CRM is to visually assist the salesperson with the flooring sales process and keep track of sales opportunities helping them to work both reactively and proactively.

To download the CRM Handbook with step-by-step instructions scroll to the bottom of this page.

An Opportunity Card represents a single opportunity for a specific customer. The card includes relevant information for the sales process. This information includes products that the customer shows interest in, any Measure drawings (including multiple estimate options), related quotes, and the final order.

CRM keeps track of these opportunities in two main ways: (1) the salesperson can easily see what stage the opportunity is in from contact to install, and (2) a single place for the salesperson to work from allowing them to drive the opportunity forward in the sales process.



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  1. Version number
  2. User information
  3. Switch between the different screens
  4. Access CRM app settings
  5. App information and Privacy Policy
  6. Link to RFMS Apps help site


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