Create a PDF for your Quote or Order

When Create PDF is selected the Presentation screen will show you the preview of the customized document as well as provide additional options. On quotes or order you can collect a signature. On orders you will be able to collect payment from this screen.

Create PDF can be selected from the quote or order main screen or from the PDF customization screen. There are slight differences on this screen depending on whether you are working in a quote or an order.


While viewing a quote you can view the PDF by tapping create_pdf_button.png either in the main quote screen or in the PDF customization screen.

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While viewing an order you can view the PDF by tapping create_pdf_button.png in the main order screen or by tapping sign_and_pay.png in the PDF customization screen.

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Presentation Screen

Whether made from a quote or an order the presentation screen will show you the PDF preview.


Collect a Signature

Use the box to collect a signature for the quote or order. If this box is hidden tap show_signiature_box.png to bring it back.


The signature will be added to the PDF document.


Collect Payment

For information on collecting payment for an order please see the Collect Payment article section.

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