Add a New Quote or Order

Create New Quote or Order

From the Dashboard Screen or from the Order Entry screen you can add a new quote or order.

  1. Tap the gray plus icon grey_plus.png
  2. Select either a quote: quote_or_order_icon.png or an order: new_order_icon.png

Add Customer Information

Video Tutorial

Search and Import an Existing Customer


  1. Tap Sold To to open the Sold To customer information tab.
  2. Tap Choose Customer to search your RFMS Customer Database
  3. In the search window that comes up enter the name of the customer you're searching for. Tap Begin Search to view results
  4. Tap the customer name to import their information


Ship To Information


  1. If the customer in your RFMS Database has set Ship To information it will automatically be imported 
  2. This information can be edited or changed. Tap Ship To Options and select an action from the list
Enter Customer Information Manually


  1. Tap Sold To to open the Sold To customer information tab
  2. Fill in the customer information
  3. If you want to add this information into your RFMS Customer Database tap Create Customer at the bottom of the customer information tab

Ship To Information


  1. Tap Ship To to open the Ship To information tab. Fill in the form.
  2. To import information into these fields tap Ship To Options and select an action from the list

Add Header Information


If viewing Sold To/Ship To information tap them again to deselect them so that the default side tabs appear.

The information in the Header tab includes:

Store selection, date entries, various drop down boxes and text entry boxes. Many of these depend on options and fields created in RFMS are are specific to  your company.


Notes added in the header section include Internal Notes, Custom Notes, and Work Order Notes. For more information on notes see the article Where Do My Notes Go?

Save Options

Save Quote or Order

Tap Save, save_button.png, to save the quote or order in RFMS and get a corresponding number.

Additional options appear once a quote or order has been saved.

Save as Draft

While editing a quote or order, tap any of the other screens. Before leaving the Order Entry screen you will be prompted with:


Drafts are saved per device and can be accessed through the Dashboard Screen.

Delete Unsaved Quote or Order

While editing a quote or order tap Cancel, cancel_or_delete_button.png, to delete all changes made as well as the unsaved quote or order.


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