Search for Quotes, Orders, or Estimates

This screen allows you to search for quotes, orders, or estimates. Depending on your RFMS User permissions you will only be able to search yours or you will also be able to search those of other users in your company.

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How To:


  1. From the dropdown choose to search within Quotes, Orders, or Estimate (Bidpro)
  2. Use this dropdown to refine the search by status: Quotes: All, Open, or Exported; Orders: All, Job Costed, or Open
  3. Further refine the search by date: Last 30 days, Last 90 days, Last year, or Any date
  4. Choose to search only within your folder or all users in your company
  5. The search field uses RFMS Smart Search so you can enter any header information, ship to info, PO number, or job information to search by
  6. Tap Find to begin the search. The first 10 will be shown. Tap Find More to load additional search results
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