Managing Samples Taken on Quotes

In RFMS Mobile you can mark product lines as having a sample taken. Unchecking this box returns the sample.

Lines that have a product sample taken will have an icon, sample_icon.png, to indicate this.


If a quote as been created through an export by Measure Mobile, then any samples marked as taken will carry over from there.

The Sample Taken checkbox is only editable while the quote is in edit mode. The checkbox appears in both view mode and edit mode.

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View Mode Edit Mode



How To:

1. Select the line(s) that have a sample taken.

2. In the right side section under the Line tab check the box for Sample Taken.

Exporting a Quote to an Order with Samples Taken Checked

If samples are still marked as being taken, when you choose to export the quote to an order you will be prompted to check in all samples before continuing.


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