How to Reserve or Cut Inventory

This article covers how to reserve or cut inventory while searching for a product in RFMS Mobile, or to an existing line item on an order.

Video Tutorial


 Note: These actions can only be done while editing an Order in Order Entry.

While Searching for a Product


  1. While searching for a product, note the section for Available Inventory. Select a product from this list.
  2. Next, select the color.
  3. Then select the price level. Scroll to the bottom of this section and indicate the quantity needed.
  4. The options for Reserve Inventory or Cut Inventory will appear at the bottom of the screen. 

While Editing a Line Item


  1. While in edit mode tap the line tab and scroll to the button check_inventory_button.png
  2. In the window that pops up, choose the inventory you would like to reserve or cut.

Cut a Line in Reserved Status


  1. While in edit mode, select a line item that is in Reserved status
  2. Tap the Line tab and scroll to the Check Inventory/Cut buttons
  3. Tap the Cut button to change the line status
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