The Measure Stage

The Measure stage allows you to create a custom measure appointment for the customer with an estimator. From this stage you can also create a Measure Mobile project that will appear in the assigned estimators Measure Mobile folder. Notes and products/rooms assigned in the Products stage will carry over to the Measure project.

Measure Appointment Date and Time

When a date is set for a Measure the Opportunity card will be updated to include the green calendar icon, calendar_upcoming.png. You can select this icon to view/edit the upcoming appointment as well as add notes for the assigned estimator. 

For information on how to complete the Measure project please see the article How to Complete a Measure Project Created from an Opportunity.

To download the CRM Handbook see the article What is CRM?

  1. Go to the Pipeline tab
  2. Select the Measure stage
  3. Choose Create Measure
  1. Select Estimator
  2. Select Measure date and time
  3. Check estimator availability 
  4. Select template for project
  5. Enter private notes only the estimator will see
  6. Create Project


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