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RFMS Warehouse Mobile 2.5.22 was released on Wednesday, October 11th, 2023, to the Apple App Store, Microsoft Store, and the Google Play Store.


  • Work Order Lines / Areas added to Picking Tickets
  • Total Boxes / Qty Per Box fields added to Picking Tickets
  • PO# and Color# fields added to Picking Tickets
  • Ending Amount field added to Picking Tickets

Bug Fixes: 

  • Incorrect conversion of length field fixed
  • ASN Roll Numbers correctly transfer to receiving screen



RFMS Warehouse Mobile 2.5.11 was released on Tuesday, July 25th, 2023, to the Apple App Store, Microsoft Store, and the Google Play Store.

New Features

  • **BETA** Digital Picking Tickets available in the app
  • Date received can be edited (by permission)
  • "Staged" lines can be Delivered in Customer Pickup screen (by permission)


  • Reserved/Received/Available quantities in Inventory screen
  • Inventory History can be viewed in the app
  • Reference Number added to receiving screen

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug with attachments during pickup process
  • Fixed bug with signatures in pickup screen



RFMS Warehouse Mobile 2.4.27 was released on Tuesday, November 22nd, 2022, to the Apple App Store, Microsoft Store, and the Google Play Store.


  • Store Code can be changed at time of receiving (based on permission in RFMS Online Services)
  • Rolls can be viewed in Linear Feet on the Move screen
  • "Available" option sticky on the Move screen
  • PDF support added to Inventory records
  • Inventory tiles display more information on Inventory screen
  • Correct user is now captured for Inventory movements

Bug Fixes:

  • Manually entered roll numbers saved when splitting rolls
  • Store locations visible to users is now based on "Inventory Stores Visible to User" system option in RFMS



RFMS Warehouse Mobile 2.3.21was released on Wednesday, March 23rd, 2022 to the Apple App Store, Microsoft Store, and the Google Play Store.

New Features:

  • Warehouse Pick Up: Customer/Installer pick ups can be documented on delivered lines by creating a pick up ticket *version 21.99.1 of RFMS required
  • Location Manager: Location lists are now centrally managed by admin-level users within the app and are shared across devices
    • "Warehouses" can be created so multiple RFMS store codes can be grouped under one location list
    • New permission in admin.rfms.online allows you to require locations be selected from the list

Help Articles for Pick Up and Location Manager can be found here:

Warehouse Mobile – Apps (zendesk.com)


  • Photos can be attached to Inventory record at time of receiving
  • Photos can be viewed and attached to Inventory records
  • Bill of Lading can now be used as a search criteria for purchase orders
  • Adjusted rolls to use standard decimal-inch conversion

Bug Fixes:

  • Date received now updates correctly when user does not exit screen between days

Known Issues:

  • Changes made by an admin to warehouse and location lists can require users to logout/login to see new changes
  • Roll goods in LM are incorrectly displaying during receiving process


RFMS Warehouse Mobile 2.1.30 was released on Wednesday, October 13, 2021 to the Apple App Store, Microsoft Store, and the Google Play Store.

Version 2.1.30 is being released as a minor patch to address two issues:

  • It fixes the Move function for Roll Inventory from the Inventory screen
  • It corrects an issue where I-barcodes and Roll barcodes were returning "no results" if the entire amount was reserved



RFMS Warehouse Mobile 2.1.2 was released on Wednesday, July 7, 2021 to the Apple App Store, Microsoft Store, and the Google Play Store.


  • When receiving multiple items at once, a shared lot number can be assigned
  • Multiple lines of Roll Inventory can be received at once
  • A single Roll Inventory PO line can be split into multiple rolls
  • Sidemark and PO# on the Warehouse Move screen (requires v21 of RFMS)
  • Promise date on the inventory receiving Screen (requires v21 of RFMS)

Bug Fixes:

  • Purchase order lines now filtered by store (requires v21 of RFMS)
  • Temporarily changed "Date Received" to read-only (we will add this functionality back in the near future)
  • Fixed barcode scanning for Roll# and Location in Warehouse Receiving
  • Item Inventory being moved from the Inventory screen was fixed
  • Cancelled purchase orders are no longer displayed when searching by PO number

Things to look for in the near future:

  • V21.0.1 of RFMS will fix ASN roll length issues pertaining to FT format (inches are shown to the right of decimal)
  • V21.1 of RFMS will allow for partial PO# searches

Known Issues:

  • V21.0.0 of RFMS has a latency issue that creates a 20-30 second receiving process
    • This has been remedied in V21.0.1 of RFMS
  • Attempting to move roll products from the Inventory screen will be unsuccessful


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