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RFMS Warehouse Beta 2.0.32 was released on Friday, June 18, 2021 to Apple, Android, and Windows beta testers.


  • When receiving multiple items at once, a shared lot number can be assigned
  • Multiple lines of Roll Inventory can be received at once
  • A single Roll Inventory PO line can be split into multiple rolls
  • Sidemark and PO# on the Warehouse Move screen (requires v21 of RFMS)
  • Promise date on the inventory receiving Screen (requires v21 of RFMS)

Bug Fixes:

  • Purchase order lines now filtered by store (requires v21 of RFMS)
  • Temporarily changed "Date Received" to read-only (we will add this functionality back in the near future)
  • Fixed barcode scanning for Roll# and Location in Warehouse Receiving

Things to look for in the near future:

  • V21.0.1 of RFMS will fix ASN roll length issues pertaining to FT format (inches are shown to the right of decimal)
  • V21.1 of RFMS will allow for partial PO# searches
  • Item Inventory being moved from the Inventory screen will be fixed



RFMS Warehouse Beta 2.0.14 was released on Tuesday, April 20, 2021 to Apple and Android beta testers.

Warehouse Beta 2.0.14 is mainly focused on the receiving process of Warehouse Operations. 

Receiving Features & Improvements:

  • View incoming purchase orders organized by Supplier. An optional filter is available to narrow results down by store code. 
  • Scan PO barcodes printed from RFMS using the device camera or a Bluetooth-connected scanner to quickly navigate to the Purchase Order line. Search by text is also available for Purchase Order numbers.
  • Multi-line receiving is available for item inventory. (Multi-roll receiving will be available soon)
  • Additional information has been added to all purchase order screens to better identify the correct PO line to receive.
  • During the receiving process, tag purchase orders to print in RFMS Core at a later time.

Known Issues in Receiving:

  • ASN roll length format not supported from certain suppliers due to differences in FT vs. EZ decimal inch notations.
  • Date filtering in Purchase Order by Supplier screen not functional.

Move Features & Improvements:

  • Search for inventory records by a given location.
  • Move one or more records to a new location by simply selecting the records, inputting a "Move to" location, and clicking the "MOVE" button.
  • Filter down to only "Available" inventory or "Available+Reserved" inventory.
  • Individual inventory record tiles now display three quantities: Available, Reserved, and Received.

Known Issues in Move:

  • CG and Sidemark are missing from inventory tiles. (These fields will be available soon)

Inventory Features & Improvements:

  • View general information about inventory records.
  • Search these records using style, style number, supplier, or roll/item#.
  • Scan RFMS I-codes or R-codes using the device camera or a Bluetooth-connected scanner to quickly find Inventory records.

Known Issues in Inventory:

  • Does not show records that have zero available quantity.
  • Move function is not working for item records. 
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