How to activate a user for the Warehouse Mobile application


RFMS Version 21.0+ is required for Warehouse Mobile

Steps to enable a user for the Warehouse Mobile application: 

**A Warehouse license is required for use of the application - licenses can be purchased by contacting your CSM or the RFMS Business Office.

  1. An administrator must login to mceclip0.png
  2. After logging in, click the green "Users" tilemceclip1.png
  3. In the "Users" screen, click the permission keys in the top right. This will open a dialog with the different user permissions for your company. You may need to scroll down, but there should be a "Warehouse" row that allows you to check this permission for any user level.mceclip3.png
  4. Ensure the user is allowed to access Warehouse. This will allow the user to login to the Warehouse App and will consume a Warehouse license. mceclip0.png
  5. A license will be consumed for each user logged in to the Warehouse App. License management can be done by an account administrator in the License tile of RFMS Online Services


Following the steps above will allow any user with the Warehouse permission to log into the Warehouse Mobile application.

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