CRM Release Notes



CRM 1.2.20 has been released on Thursday, January 11, 2024, to all app stores.


New Features:

  • Overview Reports Dashboard
  • Counts and Values Report
  • Sales Goals Report
  • Conversion Rate Report
  • Activity Report
  • Ad Source Report
  • Lost Sales Report
  • Stage Metrics Report
  • Include photos from opportunity when creating a Measure


  • Team Goals Dashboard shows Project Amount without being cut off
  • Limited Notifications when creating an opportunity for yourself

Bug Fixes

  • Opportunities now show properly in custom stages
  • Opportunities with quotes can now move between custom stages
  • Filtering older opportunities works correctly



CRM 1.2.14 has been released on Wednesday, October 25, 2023, to all app stores.

Enhancements & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug with custom stages showing only 10 opportunities
  • Fixed bug with opportunities unable to be moved between custom stages
  • Added Show Opportunity Details checkbox to Calendar.  When checked, shows customer Ship To address in each appointment tile
  • Prevent opening opportunity from push notification if a dialog is already opened
  • Appointment/Task can be assigned to UNASSIGNED
  • Calendar can be filtered by UNASSIGNED by manager/admin
  • Ad Source can now be quickly removed from an opportunity
  • Photo can be attached to opportunity in Activity tab



CRM 1.2 has been released on Tuesday, April 25, 2023, to all app stores.

New Features

  • Pipeline supports custom stages configured in ROS
  • Two-way calendar syncing with Outlook and Gmail
  • Admins can view deleted opportunities and restore them
  • Download search results as CSV file


  • Optimized performance of pipeline
  • Improved performance of statuses and alerts in Pipeline
  • Lost Reason selection list now configurable in ROS
  • Added Combine Lines options to Quote dialog
  • Custom Order/Quote numbers now supported
  • Linked Quotes can be included on an opportunity in early pipeline stages
  • Calendar now shows Details in the event tiles
  • View all Sources without having to type search text
  • Added schedule view date/time chooser to Opportunity screen, New Measure dialog, and Appointment screen
  • Added Source filter to Search page
  • Chat messages shows name of user who sent text, if known
  • Write-in price can now be selected in Product dialog
  • Ability to enter Additional Comments when opportunity is Lost
  • Quotes are now related in RFMS

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug with calculation of Close Rate
  • Fixed bug with time picker not showing correct AM/PM
  • URLs in Opportunity History can be launched
  • User assigned appointment/task can edit the activity
  • Leaderboard scrolls when there are lots of salespersons instead of overlapping
  • Assign default customer type when creating customer



CRM 1.1.30 was released on Friday, March 4th, 2022 to all app stores.


This version of CRM is a minor patch to address an issue where all opportunities may not be showing for a given salesperson



CRM 1.1.21 was released on Monday, February 7th, 2022 to all app stores.



  • Pipeline stages initially only load the first 100 opportunities in each stage (more opportunities are loaded as the user scrolls)
  • Dashboard now displays the latest notifications
  • Opportunities can be opened directly from the dashboard
  • Calendar “Day” view shows appointments and tasks along time slots
  • Opportunities can now be opened directly from push notifications
  • Approved quote is selected by default when creating an order
  • Quote and Order number now replace the Opportunity Number in the Quote and Won columns
  • Balance Due is now displayed in opportunity
  • New "loading indicator" displayed when system is checking for published measures or approved quotes
      • Users can continue to work even while they are loading. It is checking for Published Measure from MM or Quote Approvals from MFL
  • Pipeline can now be filtered for opportunities that have been recently updated
  • Created and Last Updated times are displayed in the opportunity

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed problem with tab arrow buttons not working
  • Share link is automatically copied to clipboard when option selected
  • Opportunities can now be linked to job costed orders
  • Lost opportunities are now included in "Close Rates" graph

Known Issues:

  • Close Rates percentage still does not include lost leads (graph now includes the leads though)
  • "Won" report is not always updating properly



CRM 1.1.1 was released on Thursday, May 27, 2021 to all app stores.

New Feature:


  • MyFlooringLink customer URL can now include terms and conditions that require customer approval
  • Opportunities can now be associated with a new or existing customer after initial creation
  • Agreed upon terms and conditions will be saved on customer MyFlooringLink URL
  • Terms and Conditions approval will now display in Proposal
  • Custom stage names can now be configured in (please note: names will change, but column actions remain the same)
  • Estimated value populates in the product selection screen with the highest valued option when opportunity is saved
  • Users can now search opportunities by updated or created date
  • The deletion of a task or an appointment is logged in the opportunity history, and the assigned person is notified

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed notifications for iOS devices
  • Fixed bug with searching for opportunities as a salesperson
  • Appointment date and time are now synchronized correctly with Measure date and time
  • Ship To information is included when creating a new customer



CRM 1.0.46 will be released on Tuesday, November 10, 2020 to the Apple Store, Windows Store, and the Google Play Store.


  • Send and receive photos via Chat

  • Attach photos to each product in the Products stage

    • Photos attached to products in CRM can be optionally shared from the Products, Measure, Quote and Won stages
  • New Questionnaire tab includes customizable questions the salesperson can ask a customer

  • Admins and Managers can now configure number of days before an opportunity is Stale

  • Opportunities from any stage can be moved to the Won stage and associated with an existing Order

  • Opportunities can be unassigned only in the To Do stage

Bug Fixes:

  • Ship To fields automatically filled in with Customer address when entering new address

  • Fixed bug with Pipeline not updating opportunities that have orders created outside of CRM

  • Opportunities can now be linked to orders generated in RFMS



CRM 1.0.30 has been released to all three app stores on Tuesday, September 15, 2020.

New Features:

  • All users are allowed to delete an opportunity in To Do stage

  • Choose room name from master list
  • Ability to associate an opportunity with an existing order

  • Opportunity assigned a unique code for reference

  • Added History tab

  • Salesperson Goals feature

  • Call or map from Appointment or Task dialog

  • User can be mentioned with "@" symbol in Comments


  • Label for opportunity number changed
  • Search opportunity by unique code in Pipeline
  • Include created date when showing opportunity name
  • Decluttered address fields in Overview tab
  • Leaderboard shows comparison with Goals
  • Update goals for all salespersons by Month
  • Apply Quantity to products
  • Calculate subtotals for each product and grand total for each option
  • Ability to choose the Measure to use as the Primary Quote
  • Project notes from Measure drawing exported to RFMS quote
  • Opportunity history shows dates instead of time elapsed
  • Mentions list shows name and email of user
  • Only administrators and managers are allowed to remove comments
  • Improved Stores list in Settings dialog
  • Mentioning a user in a comment notifies the user and logs it into history
  • Create Order dialog indicates which quote was approved

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue with tabs in full-screen Windows
  • Fixed issue with card being moved when opening an opportunity in Windows
  • Fixed issue with History tab no showing on iOS

CRM 1.0.13 has been released to all three app stores on Monday, July 6, 2020.

New Features:

  • Dashboard feature to show all recent activity, chats, upcoming appointments, and pending tasks at-a-glance

  • Close Rates report added


  • Open opportunity from Activity dialog on the Calendar screen
  • Allow Administrator to delete opportunity at any stage
  • Reopen a lost opportunity
  • Replace customer on opportunity
  • Certain features are disabled when opportunity is Lost
  • Search Opportunities by Lost Reason
  • Log all important transactions to History
  • Reports filter by salespersons and store
  • Saving an opportunity with Estimator and Measure date filled in automatically schedules an appointment

CRM 1.0.1 was released on Monday, June 1, 2020 to the Apple App, Microsoft, and Google Play stores.


  • "Dashboard" renamed to "Reports" (CRM-249)
  • Improved placement of labels in Leaderboard (CRM-249)
  • Improved performance of saving an opportunity (CRM-296)
  • Improved performance of moving opportunities between stages in the Pipeline (CRM-296)
  • Existing "Contact" stage renamed to "Products" in Pipeline (CRM-294)
  • New "Contact" stage in Pipeline. Initiates conversation with customer via Chat (CRM-294)
  • Opportunity screen supports new "Contact" and "Products" stages (CRM-294)
  • Allow moving opportunity to Contact stage without starting chat (CRM-294)
  • Ability to update customer in Sold To and Ship To dialogs (CRM-297)
  • Ensure phone number and email address is saved when updating customer (CRM-297)
  • Moving opportunity with multiple options from Products to Quote stage creates multiple related quotes (CRM-287)
  • Search for products using a barcode (CRM-141)
  • Added "View Approval" button (CRM-288)
  • Calendar indicates if task is completed or not (CRM-300)
  • Pipeline stage headers are now sticky (CRM-273)

Bug Fixes:

  • Failure while sharing proposal no longer hangs the app (CRM-304)
  • Fixed bug with Create Quotes from Products stage (CRM-287)
  • Opportunities can no longer be dragged directly from “Measure” stage to “Won” (CRM-271)
  • Creating an order from a quote now works as expected (CRM-271)

CRM 0.97 was released on Tuesday, May 19, 2020 to all beta testers.


  • New customers created as "Customer", not "Prospect" (CRM-272)
  • Restore Create Quote button to Contact stage (CRM-263)
  • Added Sold To and Ship To cards that launch dialogs for editing in Overview tab (CRM-284)
  • Removed Ship To fields from Overview tab (CRM-284)
  • Improvements to the Quote stage in the Opportunity pipeline tab (CRM-274)
  • Start chat conversation with customer at any time (CRM-262)
  • Support for order already existing when dragging from quote to won column
  • Opportunities in Won and Lost stages are more readable (CRM-242)
  • Product dialog allows selection of price level or write-line price (CRM-142)
  • Rename opportunity (CRM-278)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed scroll issue with date picker (CRM-265)
  • Fixed bug with creating order in iOS (CRM-293)
  • Approved status not indicating correctly in Pipeline (CRM-283)
  • Create/Update Quote dialog accurately states the action (CRM-270)

CRM 0.93 was released on Monday, May 11, 2020 to all beta testers.


  • Improved handling of existing customer when adding a new opportunity (CRM-247)
  • Added Use Existing Customer button to New Opportunity dialog (CRM-247)
  • Improvements to the Measure stage in the Opportunity pipeline tab (CRM-238)
  • Renamed "Default" option to "Option 1" in Contact stage (CRM-234)
  • Automatically name product options, such as "Option 2" (CRM-234)
  • Ability to assign product to multiple options (CRM-234)
  • First name field positioned before Last name (CRM-230)
  • Lost button is only visible when not in To Do stage (CRM-228)
  • Delete button is only visible in To Do stage (CRM-228)
  • Moved Delete button from toolbar to the bottom button area (CRM-228)
  • Remove the delete icon after the Opportunity is past To Do stage (CRM-228)
  • Added search box in Pipeline (CRM-126)
  • Added filter by Store in Pipeline (CRM-126)
  • Sort opportunities in Pipeline by alerts and statuses (CRM-126)

Bug Fixes:

  • Total value of opportunity is retained while in To Do and Contact stages (CRM-240)
  • Updating the address for a new opportunity now updates the customer's Ship To fields (CRM-237)
  • Bug fixes (CRM-234, CRM-126)
  • Fixed bug with Delete button (CRM-228)
  • Fixed Overdue indicator in Pipeline (CRM-227)
  • Fixed bugs with name search and dragging opportunity in Pipeline (CRM-126)

CRM 0.87 was released on Thursday, April 23, 2020 to all beta testers.


  • Redesigned and simplified the way options are created and maintained (CRM-234)
  • Room is added even if Enter key is not pressed (CRM-234)
  • New opportunities assigned to the current user (CRM-246)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the pipeline salesperson filter (CRM-260)

CRM 0.86 was released on Monday, April 20, 2020 to all beta testers. 


  • Quotes and orders created by external actions are reconciled with the opportunity when it is retrieved or saved (CRM-217)
  • New opportunity is named with date appended to distinguish multiple opportunities from the same customer (CRM-176)
  • "Create Drawing" renamed to "Create Measure" (CRM-232)
  • Removed "Create Quote" and "Create Order" buttons from Contact stage (CRM-232)
  • Open opportunity is updated with "Approved" status when proposal approval notification is received (CRM-217)
  • User can now mark (unmark) quotes as approved on the opportunity screen (CRM-218)
  • Create order button no longer shown on opportunity if they lack permission to create orders (CRM-218)
  • Show changes to affected opportunities when notification is received (CRM-153)
  • Adjustments to New Measure dialog (CRM-182)
  • View the Estimator's appointments on the day Estimate is scheduled (CRM-212)
  • Opportunities now assigned to users, not salespeople (MCM-999)
  • Improved clarity of Estimator's appointments list (CRM-212)
  • Create or update multiple quotes at one time (CRM-185)

Bug Fixes:

  • Minor bug fix for status indicator in Pipeline (CRM-217)
  • Pipeline shows "Ready" state for an opportunity with published drawing even if not the original (CRM-226)
  • Resolved a bunch of issues with assigning opportunities (MCM-999)
  • Fixed bug with moving opportunities between stages when logged in as a salesperson (CRM-37)

CRM 0.80 was released on Tuesday, April 8, 2020 to all beta testers.


  • Users may now specify the reason why an Opportunity was lost. The reason the Opportunity was lost is saved in the History log
  • It is now possible to search for a city
  • Various improvements to the Overview tab in the Opportunity page
  • Customer search results now include address information
  • The Estimated Value field is now read-only if the Opportunity is not in the To Do or Contact stage
  • The total value of an opportunity is automatically updated from drawing, quote, or order whenever it is saved
  • Added County field to New Measure Drawing, Customer, and Add Customer dialogs
  • The Pipeline now indicates which Opportunities have received chat notifications
  • Chat notification includes the name of the Opportunity
  • Quotes that have previously been exported can now be updated
  • Approved status is now shown in the Opportunity screen for approved quotes
  • Approved status is now shown in the Pipeline card for approved quotes

Bug Fixes:

  • Corrected issues with calculating total value of opportunity

CRM 0.73 was released on Tuesday, March 24, 2020 to all beta testers.

New Features:

  • An informative text message is now sent to a customer when products, drawing, quote, or order is shared
    • Sharing products, drawings, quotes, or order with a customer automatically opens the Chat screen


  • New Customers are now created as a Prospects
  • Required address fields are shown when creating a new drawing
  • Customer address is updated if it is blank when an opportunity is saved
  • Prevent save and notify user when an Opportunity has already been saved by another user
  • Opportunities and/or activities are only saved if they have been modified
  • Address fields are expanded if data is not entered in a required field
  • Opportunities are not saved when they are moved within the same stage in the Pipeline
  • Measure Time field was added to Opportunity and Add Drawing screens
  • Salespersons can only view their own report in the Dashboard
  • Only Administrators and Managers can assign an opportunity to another salesperson
  • Only Administrators and Managers can delete an opportunity
  • Administrators and Managers can view all opportunities
  • Salespersons can only view opportunities assigned to them in the Pipeline and Search pages
  • A store can now be assigned to an Opportunity. New Opportunities are assigned the default store.
  • The opportunity screen shows Appointments and Tasks in separate lists
  • The Pipeline only shows Tasks as overdue
  • Refactored Activities as Appointments and Tasks
  • New Appointments and Tasks default to the current date
  • Share and Create Quote options are now available when a Measure drawing has been published, even if Measure Mobile hasn't synced yet
  • Appointments created in the Measure stage default to 1 hour long

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed minor display issues on iOS
  • Fixed Share Calendar feature
  • Fixed bug in Product Search
  • Fixed bug with Push notifications
  • Salesperson filter now works correctly
  • Total value and tally now calculated correctly
  • Stage value and tally now calculated correctly
  • Push notifications for Appointment and Task assignments now show in local time
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