CRM Beta Known Issues and Suggested Improvements

See below for lists of known issues and suggested improvements in CRM. 

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The latest internal beta update of CRM is 0.73. The next internal beta update is anticipated April 8, 2020.

Known Issues 

  • When sharing the same MyFlooringLink to a customer from the same opportunity more than once a different phone number is used to send the text - Fix by 04/06
  • Opportunity Values should automatically update based on the Drawing, Quote or Order's value - Fix by 04/06
  • When Line Price values are hidden, the quote value becomes zero on the customer portal - Fix by 04/06
  • A number of pieces of information do not appear when sharing from the Contact Stage - Fix by 04/06
  • Adding a comment, then pressing Save should save the comment - Fix by 04/20
  • Room Plan is not visible when an Order is shared to the customer facing website - Fix by 04/20

Suggested Improvements

  • Link to opportunity from Activity dialog on Calendar screen
  • How to handle existing Measure projects if the Measure Activity is deleted? Perhaps not allow the Measure Activity to be deleted but only rescheduled?
  • Provide an option to view drawing in addition to Share Drawing and Create Quote
  • Include balance due on Orders in Customer screen
  • Include the Measure Date and Time on the Opportunity > Pipeline > Measure tab
  • Allow copying of an opportunity
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