User Roles and Permissions

This article provides a detailed overview of user role assignments and permissions maintained in RFMS Online Services (ROS). This web portal is also where license usage for all RFMS apps are maintained.

User Role Permissions with RFMS Online Services

Default user roles and permissions are separated into three categories:

  • Estimator/Salesperson
  • Manager
  • Administrator

The chart below lists the general permissions of each role that are not changeable.

Permissions Estimator/Salesperson Manager Administrator
Add/Edit/Delete own projects stored in the cloud (Measure Mobile and Measure Desktop)      
Log in to any RFMS Apps if granted permission      
Log in to RFMS Online Services      
View/Edit other user's projects stored in the cloud (via Measure Mobile and Measure PC)      
Add/Edit/Delete Cloud Products      
Manage Checklists      
Manage Product Templates      
View and manage RFMS Online Store including API and Quote/Order Locks      
Manage Schedule Pro and Installer permissions      
Create and edit users      
Manage user permissions      
Revoke license usage for any RFMS Apps      
Manage company info      
Creating Additional Roles

In addition to the Administrator, Manager, and Estimator roles, new ones can be created with fine-tuned permissions based on any of the three core roles. These permissions impact users for RM, CRM, and MM.

  This feature is only available to those using the RFMS ERP core software and only those with the Administrator role can create them.

How To:

1. From the Users screen select the permissions icon in the upper right of the screen.

(Click image to enlarge)


2. Click the Add Role button to create a new role.

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3. Name the new role and select which core role it will be based off of. (see User Role Permissions with RFMS Online Services). Select Save when finished.

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4. The new role will appear on the Users Permissions box. Adjust the checkboxes to fine tune the permissions of the new role.

Detailed Permissions and their Effects


Permission Effect
Create a customer Create a new customer in the RFMS customer database through RFMS Mobile and Measure Mobile.
Edit a customer Edit an existing customer in the RFMS customer database through RFMS Mobile and Measure Mobile.
Order Entry  
Search all quotes and orders Search all quotes and orders in the RFMS order entry database through RFMS Mobile and Measure Mobile.
Edit an order Edit an order in RFMS Mobile.
Create/export orders Create orders through Measure Mobile, Measure Desktop, and CRM. Export a quote to an order through RFMS Mobile and CRM.
Adjust GenPO status Switch between None and Generate Purchase Order status while editing a order in RFMS Mobile.
Search from inventory Add an item from inventory to an order.
Claims Search and view claims in RFMS Mobile Order Entry.
Preauthorize payment  
Take payment Take a payment using Card Connect.
Point of sale Use the Point of Sale feature in the RFMS Mobile app.
Inventory Ability to search inventory
Cut inventory Set inventory to be cut from a specific location through the RFMS Mobile app.
Reserve inventory Reserve inventory from a specific location through RFMS Mobile.
Warehouse Access the Warehouse Mobile App.
Manually enter locations

Only users with this permission (or admins) can enter a custom location

when receiving/moving inventory (feature coming soon)
Schedule Pro Access Schedule Pro feature in RFMS Mobile.
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