Viewing and Managing Licenses

All license management for RFMS Apps and Measure Flooring products is done through the RFMS Online Services web portal, or ROS. Depending on your assigned User Role you will have different levels of access, or none at all, to ROS. Only those with the Administrator role have access to license management.

  To login to ROS go to the Login Page and use the same email address and password you use to login to RFMS products.

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How to View Your Company's Licenses

All of your company's licenses can be found under the Licenses tile in RFMS Online Services (ROS).


The Licenses screen allows you to filter your view of licenses as well as several actions you can take. Below is a general overview of these.


  1. RFMS Product Subscription list. This list is broken down by:
    • license type
    • how many your company has of that license type,
    • how many are currently in use, and
    • how many are currently available.
    •   The checkmark seleected_checkmark.png indicates that this list item is selected and that you are filtering your license list to the right by this license type.

  2. License Cards will appear different depending on whether the license is checked out or not.
    Information on the card includes:
    • the license type,
    • who's currently using it,
    • how long ago they checked-out the license, and
    • what device type they are using it on.
  3. Search Filter. Use the search bar to filter your licenses by license type or by user. This is useful when searching for which licenses are being used by a single user and can aid when needing to revoke those licenses.
  4. Refresh the page.
  5. Access self-service billing portal login.
  6. Download Measure Desktop
What are License Checkouts?

RFMS Product License subscriptions work as a pool of seats for your users to access. When a user logs into a program a seat is used up, checking out the license. Once the user logs out, the license is returned to the company pool and made available to other authorized users.

Measure Desktop New_Logo_Measure.png

Unique to Measure Desktop licenses is the ability to assign users the access to an extended checkout. This allows them to use the license without access to the internet for a set period of time. For more information on how to do this please see the article Desktop License Checkouts.

Apps mmlogo3.png CRMLogosm.png logo.png Warehouse_logo.png

RFMS Apps include RFMS Mobile, RFMS Customer Relationship Manager, Warehouse Mobile, and Measure Mobile. Unique to licenses for these apps is that a single user is able to occupy multiple license seats across multiple devices.

How to Revoke a License

Revoking a license logs a user out of the app or software they are using, forcing the license seat to return to the company pool.

How To:

1. If you are an Administrator (see User Roles) use your username and password to login to ROS

2. Select the Licenses tile.

3. Use the Search Filter to find the user you want to revoke a license from.

 Tip: If the user is logged in to an app with more than one device, confirm on the License Card which device is the one you wish to revoke the license from.

4. Click the Revoke button. 

5. Confirm the action by selecting Revoke again. 

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