RFMS Mobile Licensing and User Administration

RFMS Mobile is available through subscription licensing. For more information about the cost per license and how to sign up or add it to your existing subscription(s) please see the RFMS Mobile page of our website.

For more information please see the article Viewing and Managing Licenses.

How Does the Licensing Work?

  • Logging into RFMS Mobile will check-out a license from your company's pool of licenses.
  • RFMS Online Services - Licenses
  • Upon logging in, if you are logged in elsewhere, you will be presented with the option to deactivate the license on the other device you are logged in with, or to use an additional license.
  • Logging out of Measure Mobile will release the license being used.

Allowing Users Access

For users to be able to log in to RFMS Mobile they must first be granted access by one of your company's RFMS administrators through the RFMS Online Services website. For details instructions on how to do this please see our article How to Add and Edit Users.

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