How to activate Warehouse as a beta feature in RFMS Mobile



Submit an email request to - once you submit your request to beta test the Warehouse feature, you will receive a response notifying you that your company has been added to the list of beta testers for Warehouse.


 RFMS must be updated to version 19.99.8 or greater.



Steps to enable Warehouse for users and devices:

*A video walkthrough of these steps will be provided at the bottom of this article


1. "Warehouse" must be enabled for the particular user's role in 




2. The "beta" feature must be enabled on the device via the Account Dialog. Follow the steps below to enable this on the device itself. Steps 1 and 2 are clicks - first on the hamburger icon and second on the username displayed






A brief video on the steps to activate Warehouse on your account can be found HERE.


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