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The Your Company tile in RFMS Online Services (ROS) allows those with administrator ROS access to customize the settings maintained there.

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Overview of content maintained under My Company

  Measure Only Users RFMS Users Description
Logo MM   appears at the top of MM proposal and  installation documents
Company name, address, phone, and email MM   appears at the top of MM proposal and  installation documents
Locale MM   adjusts  language and currency setting in MM
Units MM   adjusts unit of measure in MM
Shared Settings MD   applies to settings set in Measure Options of MD
Rooms Names MM, MD MM, MD, CRM default room names accessible in multiple apps
MM= Measure Mobile,  MD= Measure Desktop,  CRM= Customer Relationship Management,  X= Overridden by RFMS

The Your Company page is divided into four parts:

  1. Logo and Company Information
  2. Locale and Default Unit Measure settings
  3. Measure Desktop shared settings
  4. Default Room Names list

Logo and Company Information

If you're a Measure Mobile user only, once you enter your Logo and Contact Information, it will show up at the top of the proposal document you share with your customer.

However, if you use RFMS Mobile, or CRM, Your Company Logo and Address will come from RFMS Core.


Logos can be in JPG or PNG format and should be 512 kB or less. It’s best if they have a transparent or solid white background.

To add a Logo:

  1. Select the Add Logo/Choose Logo button
  2. Drag and Drop logo into box or browse files to import one.
  3. Select Done to add logo


Locale and Default Unit Measure

Select a locale for the language and currency setting in the Measure Mobile app. (These settings are overwritten for RFMS users by the core software)

Select a unit of measure to be the default in Measure Mobile projects.


Measure Desktop Shared Settings

When the Measure Default Project Settings Mode is set to Shared, admins or managers who use Measure Desktop can apply default Measure Project settings across the company.

When it’s set to Individual, each user can only apply default project settings to their own user account.


Default Room Names List

The Room Labels section allows you to customize the Room Names that appear in Measure Mobile and CRM.

To add a new one, type in a new name at the end of the list, and press Enter.

Tap the "X" on the label to delete one.


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