How to Integrate CRM Calendar

To add CRM calendar entries to your primary calendar application you must use the Subscribe to a Calendar option via your preferred platform. A URL is provided within CRM that is needed to complete the subscription process. Links to the instructions for each platform are below.

To Obtain the URL

  1. Tap on the Calendar icon, Calendar_Screen.png, in CRM to open the calendar screen.
  2. In the top left corner tab the Share icon, share_button.png.
  3. Copy the URL provided
  4. Follow instructions on how to subscribe to a calendar via your preferred platform.

Note: Subscribing to a calendar is only for your own tasks and schedules within CRM. This is a "read only" one way sync, meaning any changes made withing your personal calendar will not be reflected in the CRM calendar. Two way sync is coming in the future.

Helpful Links

Subscribe to a calendar via iOS

Subscribe to a calendar via Google

Subscribe to a calendar via

Subscribe to a calendar via Office365

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