Calendar Overview

The CRM calendar shows appointments and tasks for all user roles within the CRM app. This screen can be viewed by month, week, day, or user schedule. The filter at the top can be used to add or hide events for specific users. 

Calendar Views

month_view.jpg Month week_view.jpg Week day_view.jpg Day schedule_view.jpg User Schedule


The month view shows all opportunity events for one month at a time. You can filter which opportunity events you see by selecting specific users from the drop-down filter at the top. Use the left and right arrows to go back or advance the calendar one month at a time.

Calendar Event Cards

Calendar event cards shows at-a-glance information. From the top down that information is:

  • Customer name
  • Event time
  • Event name
  • Details (if nothing is written in the details box this will not be included)
  • Salesperson assigned
Whose appointments can I see?
Admin_Icon.png  Administrators: default calendar view is everyone's appointments. Can use the filter at the top to adjust their view.
Manager_Icon.png Managers: default calendar view is everyone's appointments. Can use the filter at the top to adjust their view.
Estimator_Icon.png Estimator/Salesperson: default calendar view is their name selected showing only their appointments. Have the option to see other's appointments by using the filter at the top.

 Note: If your company has created custom user roles, then your role will have the view associated with whichever default role it was created with.

Viewing a Calendar Event

Tap on an appointment or task to open it and see a detailed view of the event. From here you can adjust the event, add or edit details, view the linked opportunity or even contact the customer.


A. Open map to view appointment location. Location is based on customer information.

B. View customer phone number or place a call with the default calling app on your device.

C. Open and view opportunity. The view will default to the current pipeline stage. Tap Cancel to go back to appointment view.

D. View date and time of appointment or task. Date and time remain editable.

E. Event names are editable except for Measure appointments.

F. View or reassign salesperson for the appointment for task with this dropdown.

G. View the schedule of the assigned salesperson, check for conflicts, and select time slot for appointment or task.

H. Space to add information for details about the appointment or task. Is viewable on the appointment cards in the CRM calendar views.

I. Delete the calendar event.

J. Close the event view and do not save any changes made.

K. Close the event view and save any changes made. The calendar view will refresh to reflect any changes.

Syncing and Sharing Calendars

CRM offers two types of calendar integration. One is two-way calendar syncing allowing you to view, add, and edit appointments from within CRM or your preferred calendar app. The other is one-way calendar view only sharing.

For step-by-step instructions on how to sync or share please see the article How to Sync and Share CRM Calendar Information.

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