How to Sync with and Share CRM Calendar

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CRM offers two types of calendar integration. One is two-way calendar syncing allowing you to view, add, and edit appointments from within CRM or your preferred calendar app. The other is one-way calendar view only sharing.

Syncing a Calendar

Important Information for Calendar Syncing

  • Calendar events created in your personal/work calendar will look different than those created in CRM. Additionally, events created in third-party calendar apps cannot be edited in CRM, but events created in CRM can be edited in your calendar app.
  • If an appointment is made from your personal calendar, it will show on your CRM calendar only for you. It is not available for others to see even if they choose to view your appointments. This is the case unless all users have authorized their calendar sync from the same domain. Only then will they be able to view events and free/busy times associated with personal/work calendars when scheduling appointments.

How to Authorize Two-Way Calendar Synchronization

  1. From the calendar screen tap the sync button, two_way_calendar_sync.jpg, and select Authorize. authorize_calendar_sync.jpg
  2. Your internet browser will open prompting you to enter the email address associated with the calendar you want to sync CRM with.
  3. Based on the email you enter you will be brought to the login screen for your email domain. After entering your log in credentials and verifying some security settings the screen will notify you when the sync is complete.
Sharing a Calendar

To include CRM calendar entries to your personal or work calendar use the "Subscribe to a Calendar" option via your personal or work calendar app. A URL is provided within CRM that you will need to use when setting up the subscription in your calendar app. Links to the instructions for each platform are at the bottom of this article.

To Obtain the URL

  1. Tap on the Calendar icon, Calendar_Screen.png, in CRM to open the calendar screen.
  2. In the top left corner tap the Share icon, share_button.png.
  3. Copy the URL.
  4. Follow instructions on how to subscribe to a calendar via your preferred platform.

 Note: Subscribing to a calendar is only for your own tasks and schedules within CRM. This is a "read only" one way sync, meaning any changes made within your personal calendar will not be reflected in the CRM calendar.

Helpful Links

Subscribe to a calendar via iOS.

Subscribe to a calendar via Google.

Subscribe to a calendar via

Subscribe to a calendar via Office365.

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