How to Navigate our Help Centers

There are 4 help centers:

RFMS Help Center
Articles, Users guides, webinars etc. for all things RFMS Core ERP related.
Measure Flooring Help Center
How-to Articles and videos plus troubleshooting information for our estimation software Measure Desktop and Measure Mobile.
Mobile Apps Help Center
How-to Articles and videos plus troubleshooting information for our mobile and web applications: RFMS Mobile, CRM, Warehouse Mobile, and RFMS Online Services.
Business Insights Help Center
User guides and information for Business Insights users. 

How to Navigate Between Help Centers

At the top of each Help Center home page it will tell you which center you are currently viewing. Use the the down arrow next to the help center logo to select a different help center,selecting_a_help_center.png

What if I can't find what I'm searching for in a Help Center?

Using the search feature will only search content for that help center. For example, if you are are in the Mobile Apps Help Center and search for information on importing blueprints into Measure Desktop, no information will turn up. Switching to the Measure Flooring Help Center and entering your query there will locate the information. 

Submitting a Help Request

No matter which help center you are in you will be able to submit a help request about any of our software products.


  Please note that If you are in the RFMS Help Center or the Business Insights Help Center you will need to be logged in to submit a request. 


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