Viewing and Managing Credit Card Settings

The Card Transactions view in RFMS Online Services (ROS) allows those with access to view Clover Connect transactions and their RFMS status, either Posted to RFMS or Pending Post to RFMS. If any transactions are voided/refund then a negative PostPayment will appear in RFMS.

Transactions are further broken down by type: Payment, Refund, or Void.

To view all CardConnect activity you will need to log into your Clover Connect CardPointe portal.

Who can view and manage card transactions within ROS?

Users with the Super Admin status can view and manage card transactions in ROS. Only an existing Super Admin can assign this same designation to other in the company.

For information about how to do this please see the article How to Add and Edit Users under the section Companies with RFMS Access

Viewing Transactions


A. Sort transactions by date or pending. 

B.  Select a transaction to view additional options. (See Retry/Kill Post)

C. View Merchants (See Manage Merchant Settings)

D. Refresh page.

How to Retry/Kill Failed Post

Payments listed here have already been successfully processed through Clover Connect. Any listed as 'failed' refers to their failure to post to RFMS. 

Why has a payment post failed?

The main reason why a payment has failed to post to RFMS is because the order is currently opened or in edit mode in RM or RFMS Order Entry.

There are multiple ways to address the issue:

1. Save and close the open order. Then go to ROS, locate the payment associated with the order number and choose to "Retry Post".

2. Go to ROS, locate the payment associated with the order number and choose "Kill Post". Then, post the payment manually in RFMS Core or through RFMS Mobile Payment: Post Receipt Only.


1. Select a failed payment post from the list of transactions.

2. Choose to either Retry or Kill the post.

Manage Merchant Settings

To open Merchant settings, click/tap on view_merchant_settings.png located in the upper left of the Card Transactions screen. 


A. Edit minimum payment percent.

B. Enter the email address that authorizations and approvals will be sent to. This is the email address that will receive a notification when a quote has been approved through My Flooring Link.

C. Enter the email address that payment emails will be sent to. This is the email address that will receive notification when payment has been made on a quote or order.


More than one email address can be added for authorization/approval and payment.

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