Known Issue with Barcode Scanning After Updating iOS

What is the issue?

Barcodes are not scanning on certain iPad models that have been updated to iOS 17.4.

This means that users of CRM, Warehouse Mobile, RFMS Mobile, and Measure Mobile may have their workflow impacted.

Which iPads are affected?

 Note: Other devices may be affected.

  • iPad 7th Gen
  • iPad 6th Gen
  • iPad Pro 12.9", 2nd Gen
  • iPad Pro 10.5"

When will the issue be fixed?

There is an iOS 17.5 Beta 3 available that appears to have fixed the issue. It is not known when Apple may release 17.5 to a GA release.

You may choose to update your device to the 17.5 beta, however, it must be advised that you proceed with caution if you do so, as the beta could affect the device in other unknown ways.

How can I adjust my workflow?

For now, you can enter barcodes manually.

You can also choose to use a Bluetooth barcode scanner. 

How do I enter barcodes manually?

  1. Select the Scan button
  2. Choose Scan with Camera, then tap Cancel.
  3. The option to manually enter the barcode will be available.
    enter barcode manually.png
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