How to Search Customers

Use the CRM search screen to find or create opportunities based on a customer search.

What information is shown on the Search Customers screen?


A. Opportunities listed will have a colored icon next to them. Green for won, orange for open/ongoing, and red for lost.

B. Opportunity value and status is shown. If an opportunity is lost the reason is listed here as well.

C. Each opportunity will show the customer type, the salesperson assigned to it, and when it was last updated.

D. Tapping the orange plus icon when a customer is selected will create a new opportunity with that customer.

How to Search Existing Customers

 Note: Make sure the dropdown in the header (very top of the screen) is set to Search Customers.

  1. Enter all or part of the customer name in the search field and tap Find.
  2. The first 10 results will be shown, tap Find More to load more results.
  3. Select a customer to view their list of opportunities.
  4. Tap an opportunity to open it or tap the orange plus icon to create a new opportunity for that customer.


  • When you select an opportunity from the list of results it will open that opportunity to the current stage of the pipeline that it is in.
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