How to Manage Terms and Conditions

The Branding and Legal section of RFMS Online Services (ROS) allows you to manage terms and conditions that can be included on documents in RFMS Mobile, Measure Mobile, and CRM. These can also have an option to verify customer approval of the terms. 

Terms and Conditions are managed by those that have Administrator access to their company's ROS account.

Terms and Conditions Screen Overview


  1. Each "card" represents a separate set of terms and conditions. Click or tap on the card to view and edit the information.
  2. Use the handle to arrange the order of the cards. The order you prefer is reflected in RFMS Mobile and Measure Mobile when selecting Terms and Conditions for the PDF Document.
  3. Click or tap the red plus icon to add a new set of terms and conditions.
How to add and format terms and conditions

Click or tap the red plus icon in the main screen to add a new set of terms and conditions.


  1. Enter a title
  2. Elect to enter the information as a plain text or HTML format
  3. Enter text in the box. If using HTML format use the formatting tools at the top of the box or use HTML tags.


    If you are pasting in text, right click and select "paste as plain text" to avoid formatting inconsistencies when using HTML format.


    If using the plain text option, all formatting will be lost if you copy/paste from a word document.

  4. Click or tap Add Approval to to add as many lines as needed at the end of the document for approval agreements, questions, etc. 


    Use the dropdown box to select different approval options



    Arrange the order of multiple approvals using the handles.


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