Establishing Default Settings for Measure Mobile

Administrators and Managers can enforce Default Project Settings, as well as settings for the Proposal and Installation documents, through RFMS Online Services. All Default Settings are applied on a per-Template basis.

Choosing Default Settings

Navigate to the Templates panel in RFMS Online Services, select a Template, and then click one of the three Default Setting types along the top of the screen. Because these settings are applied at the Template level, they will only become available when an individual Template is selected from the left side of the screen:


Once the Default Settings have been chosen, they are enforced via the “Enabled” switch and by clicking the “Save” button in the lower-right corner of the screen:


Note: Default Project, Proposal, and Installation Settings are enabled or disabled individually on their respective dialogs.

Permissions to Override Default Settings

Administrators in RFMS Online Services may grant permission that allows certain User Roles to override Default Settings. Navigate to the Users panel and click the Permissions (keyring) button at the top of the screen. The following options will appear at the bottom of the Permissions dialog:

Once Override options are set, click the “Save” button to enforce them.


Appearance of Default Settings in Measure Mobile

Users for whom Default Settings are enforced will find that the affected settings are greyed out and cannot be interacted with. Additionally, a red padlock icon will appear on affected dialogs so that the user is aware Default Settings are in use.


Default Project Settings:


Default Proposal Settings: 


 Default Installation Settings:

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