Generate API Credentials for a Developer

1. Documentation for the Standard API:

2. Unique API Credentials for your account and RFMS database. A developer will need the following two pieces of data in order to interact with your particular database:

  • Store Queue Value
  • API Token

What If I don't have access to my own developer? 

We are also available on Zapier, the leading API bridge between mainstream software applications. See the article that explains our Zapier presence and how to get started here


Important: Use the following instructions to get the Store Queue and API Token:

1. Login to with an administrator account

2. Go to the RFMS Online tile

3. Press the "API" button located in the upper right corner of the screen

4. Press Generate Key in the dialog box that appears

5. Select a default user. This does not restrict the default Salesperson for quote or customer creation. The selected user should generally have broad System Option permissions in RFMS. 

6. Enter a label for the API Token. This will allow you to identify the purpose of this token in case you engage with several third party developers or software applications.

7. Press Save when done.

7. Copy both the (1) Store Queue value and the (2) API token. Both of these should be provided to your third party developer. With these two pieces of information, they can begin interacting with the API for your particular database.

The result should look like the following:

1. Store queue: 'store-xxx1234'

2. API token: 'l3kj5rl34kj5w2l'


8. Close the API dialog. This can be opened at any time in the future to view existing API tokens or generate additional ones. Also, existing tokens can be revoked. This will remove access to your database from the third party developer using that token. 

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