How to Reserve or Cut Inventory



How To:

1. On the Order Entry Worksheet screen select one of the products for the order.

2. On the right side screen tap the button for Check Store Inventory.


3. The screen that pops up will display the store, location, lot information, how much is available, and if the product is on order.

Based on permissions for your user level, as set in RFMS Online Services, the options for Reserve and Cut may be available.


When the reserve feature is used and the order is saved, the updated inventory will be reflected in the numbers and options available the next time inventory is checked.

Note: You must tap the Save button in the upper right corner before the reserve status is officially updated in RFMS.


When the cut feature is used the order will save automatically and RFMS will update with the changes.





Why can't I reserve/cut inventory from a certain store?

You will not be able to Reserve or Cut inventory from a store that you do not have access to. These are set in your RFMS system options. While you will be able to view the inventory that a store has, you will not be able to apply it to the order.

Why can't I reserve/cut inventory?

This feature is available based on the permissions for your user level. Talk to your administrator about adjusting your user level permissions in RFMS Online Services if these options do not appear.


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