How to Add a Product or Service to a Quote

 How To:

1. Press the grey "plus" icon. If you don't see it press the Edit button in the top right.


Four options will appear when you press the "plus" icon:

To add an un-referenced line item, press the pencil icon.
Note: This option will be greyed out if your RFMS system options does not allow this.

The other three options are to add a product or service from the RFMS database. You can search by SKU, scan a barcode, or use the search icon. (The search icon does not search inventory.)

Note: The barcode icon will be greyed out if you are using a device that does not have a camera.

2. When your search results come up with a product or list of products:

Choose the (1)product style and a (2)color, if applicable, and then select (3) price level, length, and quantity if needed, (4) select "choose product" to add the line item.

Note: Quantity can also be added after the product has been added to the quote or order.


3. Continue to search and add products, tap the "close" button when done.

4. Adjust the quantity and price level if needed. quantity_and_price_level_2.png

You can check the inventory of a line item by selecting it and pressing the Check Store Inventory button.

Check for other products and services associated with this job type by using the Find Product Templates button.

line_notes.png When a line is selected you can add notes specifically for that line. The note box is located at the bottom of the right side menu.


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