How to Add a New Quote



How To:

1. From the dashboard select the gray "plus" icon and choose "New Quote".

2. Add customer information by tapping on the "Sold To" box and select Choose Customer to add an existing customer or fill out the information lines and select Create Customer at the bottom.



3. To add a product or service line to your quote, tap the "plus" icon and select one of the following: Search SKU, Scan barcode, or use the search icon.

If using the Search icon type in the product or service you are looking for, then tap Search Store. Choose a product, a color, and select the Choose Product button to insert.

4. From the side menu enter a quantity and choose a price level. quantity_and_price_level.png

5. To add a note to a line item, scroll to the bottom of the side menu and tap on the Note box.

6. To attach a picture to a line item scroll to the top of the side menu and tap on the Attachments tab.

7. To change a line item tap on the Line tab at the top of the side menu. Select the product you want to change and then tap the Choose Product button to search for a new one. choose_product.png

8. Tap the calculator icon in the left side section to display your header information along the right side menu. This section is where you can include details like the estimated delivery date and the PO number. header.png

9. Tap Save to save the quote in RFMS and get a quote number.


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