TPD Opt-in for RFMS Users

1. Login to with an administrator account

2. Go to the RFMS Online tile

3. Press the "API" button located in the upper right corner of the screen


When an admin for the member store signs into RFMS Online Services, they will see a large notification in their API list alerting them to the request. They will see the reason provided in the request above as well as the name and privacy URL associated with the TPD. They can choose to Approve or Reject the request.



Prior to approving the request, the user must choose the RFMS user that will be tied to requests made through this agreement. Once approved, a new API key will be added to the list:



This special API key cannot be used by the member store, but it can still be revoked like any other API key - which would block any future usage attempts by the TPD.


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