How to Search and View Claims in RFMS Mobile

If your user permissions allow, you can search and view claims through the Order Entry screen in RFMS Mobile.

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Search Claims


  1. Use the dropdown to select to search Claims. If you do not have this option speak with your company's RFMS administrator about your user permissions.
  2. Refine the search by date: Last 30 days, Last 90 days, Last year, or Any date
  3. Choose to search only within your folder or all users in your company
  4. The search field uses RFMS Smart Search so you can enter any header information, claim against/for info, PO number, or job information to search by
  5. Tap Find to begin the search. The first 10 will be shown. Tap Find More to load additional search results

View a Claim

Claims are view only, but there are several things you can do while viewing a claim in RM.

If a line item has an On Order status, then the Promise Date will appear on the line.
promise date shown.png

Add Notes and Attachments

Notes can be added to the claim through the Line tab, or to an individual line item by selecting it first, then entering a note in the Line tab.

 Tip: Tap the Note iconnote_icon.png to enable editing the note field.


Photo or document attachments can be added to a claim through the Attachments tab. They ca be added to an individual line item by selecting it first, then tapping the Attachments tab.


A. Tap to browse images on your device to autarch to the claim.

B. Tap to open the camera app on your device and attach the image taken.

View Scheduled Jobs

Tap view_scheduled_jobs.png to switch to the Schedule Pro screen and view jobs related to the claim. Scheduled jobs are displayed with the crew name at the top, the date(s) the job is to scheduled for as well as the time slot.

claim scheduled jobs screen.png

Tap the scheduled job to view the Work Order associated with it and add any necessary notes or attachments.

claim work order view.png

Customize and Create PDF

Tap customize_pdf_button.png to format the PDF document. For more information about formatting and an explanation of what can be included on the document please see the article Customize PDF Document for Quote or Order.


Tap create_pdf_button.png to view the PDF. From this screen you can (A) accept a signature, (B) customize what appears on the PDF, (C) email it/add it as an attachment to the claim, (D) save it, and (E) print it.


Share Claim

Tap share_button.png to generate a My Flooring Link document. This document can include payment, approval, and signature request. For more information please see the article Share an Order or Quote for Approval.


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