How to Keep Track of Samples Given

  Samples can be managed within a single opportunity, or across multiple opportunities through the Samples screen.  

Managing Samples Through an Opportunity

How do I know that there are samples checked out for an opportunity?

While viewing opportunities from the Pipeline screen an icon on the opportunity card will indicate if one or more product samples have been checked out.

Indications that a sample is checked out persists even if an opportunity is won/lost.

Checked Out Checked In Overdue
sample_checked_out.jpg sample_checked_in.jpg sample_checked_out_overdue.jpg
How do I check samples in and out?

When an opportunity is open to the Products stage you will see sample icons on the product lines.

These icons indicate if a sample is checked out or not and also act the the button to check out/in samples.

Checked Out Checked In
sample_check_out_button_and_icon.jpg sample_check_in_button_and_icon.jpg
Is there a log that keeps track of sample status within an opportunity?

Sample activity is recorded under the History tab of an opportunity and appears in the Recent Activity feed of your CRM Dashboard.



Managing Samples Through the Samples Screen

A. Search samples by:

  • customer name
  • product name
  • supplier name
  • manufacturer

B. Filter sample results by:

  • Pipeline Stage
  • Customer Type
  • Salesperson
C. Filter samples by store


How to Check in Multiple Samples at Once

  1. From the Samples screen select all the samples to be returned by checking the box next to them.
  2. Tap the return arrow,return_selected_samples.jpg, in the upper right corner to mark all selected samples as returned.


CRM Samples and RFMS

If a sample is checked out for an opportunity and remains checked out once a quote is created, this information is passed on to RFMS. The product line in RM will include that a sample is checked out.

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